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Friday, February 17, 2006
  Picasso shops for books.

Here's a pick of our skinny Mainecoon mix Picasso "Cassie." Mainecoons are known for their big tails, substantial mane, and dog-like disposition. Cassie plays fetch with a nonstop tenacity, and I believe in this picture she is searching the bookshelves for the little One bracelet she prefers for the game. (The One bracelet goes along with the Bono-led non-profit for resolving poverty in Africa, see if you can find it to help Cassie, and meanwhile sign up.) Ksiezniczka looked up quite a bit on Mainecoons upon discovering that Cassie comes from that illustrious heritage. She told me that Europeans quite like the Mainecoon, and if anyone wanted to breed them to sell across the sea, they could fetch a good price.

In other news, my friend Marshall has started a diary from Iraq, and it is very very good. It makes me glad he is a non-commissioned officer.
That's all today from your miserly wight.
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