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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
  Broken Flowers
I was able to see Jim Jarmusch's new film over the weekend and thought it was absolutely great; story, direction and acting were all near flawless. The standout among it all is Jeffry Wright who plays a hard-working Ethiopian immigrant who endeavors as a self-made sleuth to unravel a mystery that enters the main character's life. In one scene, Wright and Bill Murray sit at opposite ends of a diner table and Wright's hunch uncannily fills out the entire persona of his role. Through luck, I have become acquainted with Wright's other great performances in the last couple of years and his range is positively Streepian. As the eponymous character in Basquiat and the nurse Belize in Angels in America, he performs similar shape-shifting magic as in Broken Flowers. The soundtrack to the film, featuring great Ethiopian jazz amongst other gems would also be a worthwhile purchase, upon seeing the film first of course.
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