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Sunday, April 17, 2005
  Good Movie-Bad Scene and vice versa
From Onion (via lawyers, guns, and money, and ted barlow), a fun thread featuring bad scenes in good movies, and good scenes in bad movies. Here's my contribution:

Bad scene in a great movie:
Preston Sturges’ Sullivan’s Travels bears the anachronistic blight of the African American cook playing up the worst of stereotypes. Otherwise, great film.
Good scene, bad movie:
In the poor Hitchcock knock-off Niagara with Marilyn Monroe the scenes with the chimes are chilling. Everything else is pretty much leave it, including what may be the worst line ever for the end of a movie: “It may be the first time that someone said, ‘scuttle it!’ as a prayer.” “And had it answered.”
Honestly, it is so bad, it’s worth seeing. Also the character who delivers the last line plays a truly nauseatingly saccharine man. Is this what they call camp? or is it only if it is so intended?
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